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Susan Getgood

Hi Maria! Thanks for the kind words and mention of the HP Charity Auction. Much as I'd love to take the credit, I'm just one of the team that executes this terrific project. The inspiration behind the auction is a good friend and top notch consumer marketer who works with HP, Karen Davidson Cage. I'm just a bit more visible online cause that's my part - to reach out online to bloggers and fan clubs, and let people know about it.

See you at BlogHer in July!

Karen Davidson Cage

Hi Maria,

I'll add my thanks, along with Susan's, share info about our HP Charity auction. Like you, I'm a HfH fan and a past builder (2 projects in Guatemala and a bit of volunteering right here in the Silicon Valley.) I can't think of a more fun way to "share the love" than with a great celebrity photo and awesome little HP printer. I hope your readers not only bid, but win. It's a fun auction with a great cause. Many thanks!

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