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I'm going to have to second Arse Poetica-- this was my favorite panel at Blogher, as well. So many thoughtful women had compelling things to say on this subject. What a great discussion. Thanks for your hard work helping to make it happen.

Maria Niles

Thanks, roo! Thank you for your comment and participation in the session - it was terrific and helped make the session as wonderful as it was.


I enjoyed the panel, very much. I enjoyed hearing from the Bloghers on the panel and I think the audience participation was better than in some of the other panels I attended.

Thanks Maria - don't let the negative comments get you down. :-)

Maria Niles

Thanks, Denise! Meeting you and TW was a highlight for me, although I think I might have freaked TW out a bit by boldly asking if she was someone else. Doh! My apologies.

I agree that the audience participation in this session was special and really made for a great discussion.

ae (arse poetica)

What? There were negative comments about this panel? Blasphemy! The robust conversation of your panel, Maria, is what I was hoping for in the Feminist Birds of a Feather discussion. Alas, maybe next year.

When is "Undercover Black Woman" coming out? I need something good to read!


Oh honey, we didn't want to slap ya. We were trying to start a dialogue... although we didn't realize you had been dialogued to death already...hee hee.

Maria Niles

Thank you, darling!

Tip, y'all - drink what Tiffany's having. ;-)

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