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Has Emily considered that what we project, in terms of our attitudes comes back to us a hundred fold!

On her bio she proudly describes herself as: "foul-mouthed and ill-tempered and claims that people often find her to be very brash. Emily likes to think she is one of the guys and can't stand prissy girls."

Emily, life is far too short and precious for such attitudes. Whatever hurt or disappointment you may have suffered you are allowing it to control you far too often and you may find yourself not only being known as the third chef to be let go from Top Chef, but a lonely and angry woman who wishes there was more to life.


Yeah, Emily was destined to fail from the get go. In the opening episode Marisa (I think that was her name) talked about using her sex appeal to move ahead. While I have no difficulty with the notion, the practice is a little tricky to actually navigate. I will leave aside my opinion that I felt Marisa had NO sex appeal whatsoever! It will be interesting to see how things continue.
BTW - I just include a link to this blog in my recent entry on mine.


This was one of my more favorite episodes because it forced the chefs into reality that they are not always going to be cooking fancy foods. It reminds them that the most successful chefs know how to please their customers. It doesn't matter whether you are cooking for children or for senior adults in nursing homes.

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