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Amy Jussel

Great post! Gotta say, I'm TOTALLY in agreement with Charlene Li regarding the 'Blah Girls' bit, in fact that post is in my 'damaging drek' queue for slamming.

The last thing we need is another smarmy, sass-mouthed tween with a 'tude, when we're already battling 'ABC Family' fare like 'Secret Life of an American Teen' making the buzz around middle school environs in 'must see TV' mode. (Charlene, you can but that one in the toxic waste bin too, bleh!)

Maybe Ashton didn't get the memo but the REAL digerati these days are doing GOOD deeds in the techno tool realm and landing in our 'positive picks' instead!

Yes, like FitBit as you mention, or its like-minded counterpart, "" which Joel Silverman tells me via our Shaping Youth blog has the Mayo Clinic's blessings/backing)

In the kidsphere, another one to watch I GUARANTEE will be a new virtual world coming out this fall called "Elf Island" which is currently in private beta...I just interviewed the founders in Atlanta, and as a parent, I'm so jazzed I'm ready to shout it into the Twitter-sphere!

They join others like Dizzywood and Zookazoo in positive picks, so I'm VERY thankful to have some techno companies 'get it.' It's NOT the media or the marketing that's 'bad' it's the CONTENT...So I say hail to the good guys!

p.s. And if Charlene visits, tell her to ping me, as I'm way behind on my interview plans for HER too! Thanks for the feedback. Putting you in my reader.

Amy Jussel

um, that was supposed to say 'add that one' typo...can you fix, pls? flying fingers on the keyboard. ;-)

Maria Niles

Hi Amy,

Thanks so much for the great feedback and additional picks. It is exciting to see all the many creative ideas that entrepreneurs are dreaming up and to apply our analytical skills to think through what might succeed and what might fail.

PS - no worries about the typo - I make them all the time! And you've corrected it with your follow up comment :)


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