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Thanks! :-)


I am so happy for you - no more waiting for a pot to boil or a Better Break (of course I know that book by heart.) i think I've said to you before that I love when the right things happen, and no one deserves this more. I love you, MARIA NILES, maybe even more than Tracy Jordan loves LIZ LEMON, which as you know is a lot.


Rock on, Maria! I knew the BlogHer ladies were smart, but hiring you may just be the smartest thing they've ever done. :) Here's to the next chapter!


Yay Maria!!! That's fantastic news. :)


Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay! Go Maria :-) That is fantastic news.

Karen from Chookooloonks

FanTAStic news, Maria. It's always heartening to see that BlogHer knows a genius when they see one!

Congratulations, and best wishes for an amazing career with BlogHer!


So very thrilled for you Maria! But most thrilled should be BlogHer. You're an asset to anyone and they're lucky as anything to have you.


There are not enough ways to say CONGRATULATIONS and I'M SO EXCITED (for you AND for BlogHer). So congratulations -- I'm so excited!


Rocking good news! I re-re-re-commence to understanding the marketing side. And yes, goddess is a better title. Look how many flipping gurus are out there.




Fabulous news honey! I am very happy for you. BTW I will be in the Bay Area in June again this year. Let's try to meet up.


Congratulation! You will rock this.

Deb Rox

Fabulous! It does seem destined, and what a smart addition to the BlogHer team at this stage in their growth. A PM who is a masterful strategic communicator is a grand thing who can do grand things, so this is fantastic for everyone! Huzzah! (Also should have known you would grok it when I say I've always wanted to finish my short film that I haven't really started: They Shoot Herbies, Don't They?)

Leslie M-B

Woohoo! This is such great news, for you and for BlogHer. Congratulations!

Morra Aarons-Mele

It's wonderful that you're now officially part of the BlogHer immediate family= and that all of us extended BH family still get to work with you!

Nordette aka Verite





Huge congratulations, Maria! I'm super-excited for you -- cheers to this new adventure!


Awesome, excellent news! Now maybe you can find out for me from the busy lady Elisa how I can help with BlogHer Biz in August. Since it's in NYC, you know I can help you folks get people. :-)


Most excellent news, Maria. Very cool. :)

Maria Niles

Thank you everyone for all your support and kind wishes! I am humbled and grateful.

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