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July 10, 2009


Elisa Camahort

Great post, Maria!

And you are so funny with your rock star appellation. Must I remind you those sunglasses hid a hideous, swollen, eye afflicted with what turned out to be a corneal ulcer!? You mock my pain, it's so cruel. :)

Maria Niles

Thank you for the kind words, Elisa.

I would never mock your pain, darling. It is true that you are a rock star and I simply left out the hideous, swollen afflicted eye part. Recycling is good for the environment but I'll hope for no need for you to recycle that particular look ;)

Heather Clisby

Wait .... I'm adorable?????

Speaking of adorable, you can come to Chicago in old potato sacks and your Maria-ness will charm the Jimmy Choos right off us BlogHers every single time. Just bring that famous winning smile, Niles, and you're good to go.


I want you to win.

And I mean that in the best possible way that that could have come out.

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