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November 30, 2013



I assumed from the beginning that the tweets were a story, not a reality. The tone just seemed altogether too like a wish-fulfillment, esprit de l'escalier, what I wish I would have said. It was all tied up too neatly to be reality, which is messy and weird. But I thought his take on justice was mean and cruel.

My pastor talked one day about how to take a step toward forgiveness: realize that you don't know what is going on with the other person. That simple advice helped me forgive a manager who had made my life hell for years. Realizing that I would never know why she did what she did opened a door to letting her go from my brain, where she was taking up far too much space.

I try to remember that same advice when I meet Diane in 7A.


Thank you, Sue for sharing your perspective and taking a moment to comment. Taking a step towards forgiveness rather than judgement can lower temperatures and lead to more positive outcomes.

And I agree with your take. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Elan's one-sided, unreliable narration (or the story by someone claiming to be Diane's cousin that she is a terminally ill cancer patient rushing home for one last visit to teach her nieces her secret stuffing recipe) turned out to be a wishful fantasy.

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